Staff Magazines

We have scanned and uploaded all State Bank Progress, Statesman and Our Bank magazines.
Thanks go to Ross Bardrick, Peter Wynd, Bill Roper, Bruce Bathols and Terry Dynes, and all the others that assisted by either providing the magazines or scanning them, which was no small feat. If you have any other publications, please email Nick Oklobdzija with the details and you can either send the scanned documents to Nick or he can arrange to scan them if you can’t.

Thanks to Sylvia Oklobdzija and her data entry skills, we now have a searchable index for most Progress and Statesman Issues from 25 to 116 (missing 1973/75/76/77/80/84).

Click here to access the index. Once you have opened the index, there are two ways to find the person/branch/article you are looking for:

  1. scroll down the first column which is in alphabetical order – Staff Member Name / Branch Name / Article Name
  2. use the search facility in Adobe –
    1. Hold down the CTRL key and Hit the F key
    2. This will bring up a search box
    3. Enter the name of the person/branch/article you are searching for
    4. This will bring up the line/s of the items that meet the search criteria
    5. Go to the Progress/Statesman Issue/page number shown in the search results (see below – search criteria was Souter, M which brings up in Issue 25 on page 6)


The following editions of magazines are available for you to view or download:

Progress – 1958 to 1970

Statesman – 1971 to 1984

 Our Bank  1984 to 1989